Thursday, November 10, 2011

Christmas Bears

Christmas Bears

Tis a Tale of Two Bears, and a twinkling eye.

Of families, laughter, and a Jolly Old Guy.Christmas Teddy Bears Waiting for Santa Claus print

Of whispers and giggles, excitement and glee,

Children's sweet voices, and a lob-sided tree.

Hand made treasures, drooping from boughs

A tangled kitten, with plaintive meows.

Kitchen once ordered, now in disarray

Santa’s Cookies for this special day.

The bedrooms are quiet, the children asleep

Mother and father, just take a quick peek.

The day has been busy and mother and dad

Head for their beds, quite tired but glad.

The whole house is quiet, then a soft sound

As Santa arrives with a sack that is bound.

Teddy Bear Santa Claus keychainHe spies the fresh cookies and smiles to see,

The kitten has knocked one under the tree.

As he samples the goodies, so lovingly made

He unties the sack, the contents displayed

With a magical wave the gifts are all set

But Santa has something more special yet

Two Teddies to cuddle, and secrets confide

To treasure through years and find memories tied

To look back and treasure what really was dear

The family’s warm love, year after year.

By Jacqueline Edwards - Copyright 2004 -

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