Saturday, November 12, 2011

Celebrate Christmas

What is your favorite thing about the Holiday Season? *
Great sales on all the stuff yu wanted all year
How will you spend Christmas Day this year? *
With family & friends, the more the merrier
How many holiday cards do you send out each year on average? *
How many Holiday Parties will you attend this year? *
What is your zazzle Store URL *
What is your favorite Christmas/Holiday memory?
One of my favorite Christmas memories is the time I got a dollhouse furniture kit for a Christmas present. My dad had come over, and for some reason I had been told I had to wait for him before I could open that particular box. So, as soon as he showed up, I ripped off the wrapping! Turns out the little instructions of "Some Assembly Required" was the reason I had to wait for him... Seems I would be needing some help to put the kit together. As it turned out, twenty helpers couldn't get it together right but it was fun to try!

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