Friday, October 14, 2011

Celebrate Christmas

What is your favorite thing about the Holiday Season? *
Getting to see friends & family
How will you spend Christmas Day this year? *
With family & friends, the more the merrier
How many holiday cards do you send out each year on average? *
How many Holiday Parties will you attend this year? *
What is your zazzle Store URL *
What was your favorite Christmas/Holiday gift you ever received and why?
One year that all of our family and friends got together and bought different plastic horses from a series for me. I had them lined up on my dresser for a long time! It meant a lot to me as a kid that a)they knew I liked horses and b)they all got together and got the different ones for me. I have no clue what happened to the horses in the move, but my favorite one was the Pinto one. They had hair that could be brushed and were in all different poses, perfect for a kid to play ranch with!

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