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How to Enjoy Your Favorite Christmas Recipes

How to Enjoy Your Favorite Christmas Recipes

Author: Sanjay Johari

candy cane poinsettia labelChristmas is a time of holiday and festivity. And delicious food is integral part of the celebrations. You relish food and have fun with your friends and relatives. In this excitement you hardly give sufficient attention to how much you should eat. There is a tendency to overeat at odd times and quite often the associated problems follow.

Is it possible to enjoy our favorite Christmas recipes and have a control on our diet at the same time?

The answer is a big YES.

And this is not limited to Christmas time either. But this is a good time to start on the right path.

In our busy and mechanical life we have long forgotten to pay attention to the subtle indications sent out by our bodies. While attending to the "necessities" of our lives and fulfilling our "obligations", we tend to abuse our bodies. The consequences are there to see within us and all around us.
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Yet with just a little self-discipline this situation can be greatly improved. I am not suggesting skipping meals or reducing diet forcibly.

Just try these simple tricks and see the difference.

* Feel Good About Yourself – Before you start your meals get into a happy state of mind. Now don't tell me it isn't possible. You can always think of something positive and pleasant. The idea is to feel happy. Feeling happy is a habit – it is worthwhile cultivating it.

* Be Thankful For Your Food – Saying prayers before your meals is one of the best practices created by the civilization. In all situations it may not be possible to go thru this ritual. But the least you can do is to have your meals with gratefulness in your heart.

* Have a Regular Time Schedule For Eating – This point cannot be over emphasized. Some discipline in the intake of your food can go a long way in regulating your life. This may be difficult to maintain in the midst of festivity, and that is quite excusable. If you are otherwise disciplined in your eating habits, occasional exceptions can be easily tolerated.

* Don't Eat Hurriedly – Don't be in a hurry to devour your food as if it is going to run away. Instead slow down your eating and consciously enjoy the flavor.

* Eat With Full Awareness – While you eat give full attention to your eating. Don't make it a casual or a half-hearted effort. This is a commitment you have to make to yourself. In fact this approach bears positive results with any work you undertake.
elf on snow mobile ornament* Chew Your Food Well – Avoid just gulping down your food. By chewing your food properly not only will you enjoy it, you also help your body to assimilate the food better.

* Pay Attention To Indicators Of Your Body – While eating listen to your body. It will give you sufficient indication when you have had enough. Eat to your heart's content but avoid overindulgence. If you follow the steps outlined here you will "know" when it is time to finish your meals.

I will add one more bullet point here – have regular physical exercise, or physical movement. It need not be a vigorous routine if you don't want it, but it should be enough to make you feel hungry at the next meal.

The points I have outlined here are nothing new – they form a part of age-old formula which also have scientific support. I have not tried to suggest what food you should have – that will depend upon lot of factors I am not aware of including your particular situation and physical condition.

But these simple tricks work well with all situations and you can practice it with any other remedial measures you may be taking. They will certainly help you to enjoy your Christmas recipes better.
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