Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Celebrate Christmas

What is your favorite thing about the Holiday Season? *
Getting to see friends & family
How will you spend Christmas Day this year? *
With family & friends, the more the merrier
How many holiday cards do you send out each year on average? *
How many Holiday Parties will you attend this year? *
What is your zazzle Store URL *
What is your favorite Christmas/Holiday food/recipe? What is so special about it?
Sugar cookies decorated with colored sugar! I know they aren't a specific Christmas food, but it is only at Christmas time that you ever see them in stores or can con someone into making them for you. Even through the green and red sugar sprinkles are just sugar, for some reason they taste better than just plain sugar sprinkled on. I am pretty sure that it's a mental thing! It is even better when they are in the shape of gingerbread men, and then you can eat the arms and legs off first and it's like eating five or six cookies at once!

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