Thursday, October 13, 2011

Celebrate Christmas

What is your favorite thing about the Holiday Season? *
Getting to see friends & family
How will you spend Christmas Day this year? *
With family, a traditional Christmas Celebration
How many holiday cards do you send out each year on average? *
How many Holiday Parties will you attend this year? *
What is your zazzle Store URL *
What was your favorite christmas gift you ever received and why?
My Favorite present ever was Grumpy Bear - one of the original care bears. I got him from my Grandmom, even though I know she really did not have the money to buy him for me. I knew it was an extra special present coming from her, because I know money was very tight for her yet she still picked out a bear she thought I would like and the bear she thought my brother would like (he got sleepy bear) and saved up her money to get them for us. I still have Grumpy today - over 20 years later!!

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